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Gauteng Kwa Zulu Natal Western Province  
Ahlan Wasahlan
Brady's Fashions
Ladys Mnfr
Fashion Cabaret

Passion from Africa
Pringle Of Scotland
A2z Embroiderer
Abiti Clothing
Ad Bags
Annabelle Tricots
Annedel White Couture
Annelise Griffen
Apex Clothing Manufacturers
Bella Gee
Ben Delissen Machine Services
Billboard Clothing
Bundu Creations
Carter Harris
Cecial Aron & Sons
Chantal Fashion
Chateau Promotional Wear
Cherenes Fashions
Chez Barbara
Christa Modes
City Fashion Manufacturers
Clive Design Manufacturing
Concord Clothing Industries
Creations By Rina
D And H Milner Jhb
Dandy Rags
Dario Manufacturers
Diva Fashions
Dorvic Sports 2000
Drabtex Manufacturers
Enigma Fashions
Exclusive Skirt Concept
F.T.H. Clothing
Fantique Trade 650
Francarlo Manufacturing
Friday Fashions
Gauteng Clothing
Gina Of Charles Street
Grand Fashion Manufacturers
Heyane Product
House Of Julian
House Of Soldatos
Induna Clothing Manufacturers
Italba Pleaters
Jaff And Co.
Jajean Clothing Manufacturers
Jax Clothing
Jen Kahn
Jo Borkett Fashions
Joao Ferreira Production
K And R Clothing
K. Manning
Kalson Creations
Karin Fashions
L And S Clothing Manufacturers
Lee-Bell Fashions
Lonstein Fashion Group
M & M Textile
M And M Clothing
Maby Corporate Clothing
Marion & Lindie
Martone Textiles
Medici Clothing S.A.
Medici Gowns
Moda Intermezzo
Mode Fleuri
Modern Litho
Mommy 2 Be And Me
Norman Callan
Papadakis Clothing Manufacturers
Piuma Leggera Ladies Fashion
Planet Clothing
Pleated Pink Designs
Ricks Fashion Wear House
Right Moves
Ripple Effect 44
Rosano Modes
Rosecraft Clothing
Royal Fashions Manufacturers
Sa Weatherwear
Sakiena Fashion
Sandra V Fashions Creations
Sheeva Fashions / Medici Gowns
Sheeva Fashions Sa
Skirtskip Clothing
Soskolne Clothing Enterprises
St Moritz
Suzette Exclusive
The Threaded Needle
Theresas Designs
Tiger Clothing
Timberland Clothing
Total Outsourcing Emi Creations
Traclo International
Transvaal Clothing Ind
Truval Manufactureres
Unigar Creations
Wendy Sing-Designer
Wizard Clothing Company
Zarlene Modes
Melody Clothing
Coco Bay
Himalayan Clothing

Pulse Clothing
Al-Ameer Fashions
Alexander Clothing
All Time Clothing
Alley Cat Clothing
Amanath Clo
Amelia Fashions
Anjoro Fashions
Anmo Fashions
Aquarius Mnfrs
Askona Clothing
B&W Clothing
B.N. Clothing
Batohi's Clothing Manufacturers
Baywatch Clothing
Beach Shop Des.
Bell South Fashions
Bellsouth Fashions
Blouse Manufacturing
Bok Clothing Manufacturers
Brite Reef
Cabriclo Designs
Calabash Clothing
Canada Clothing Contractors
Carefree Investments
Castaway Clothing Manufacturers
Celrose Ltd.
Centre Point
Centrepoint Clothing Manufacturers
Clapton Clothing Contractorscc
Collins Collection
Commercial Clothing
Daisy Fashions
Daniels International
Davco Clothing
Davinscot Holdings
Designer Clothing
Destiny Clothing
Dhupelia & Sons
Domingo's Shirt & Clothing
Double J Clothing
Douglas Enterprises
Drake Clothing Company
Elite Fashions
Envogue Clothing
F.Z. Clothing 2002
Faras Lingerie
Fashion Thalia
Fashion World Cutting Room Services
Feminine Fashions
Florida Trading
Frank`S Clothing
G.L. Clothing
Gizmo Fashions
Glen Manufacturers
Goshan Clothing
Habit Casuals
Hari Fashions
Hedgerow Clothing
Hongkong Apparel
Impact Clothes
Imtas Clothing
J C Fashions
J P S Lourens
J.J. Fashions
J.M.C. Fashions
John Peter Clothing
John Ross Clothing Mnfrs
Juanre Clothing Mnfrs
K.S. Fashion
Katz International
Kenek Clothing
Krp Clothing Mnfrs
Lady Jasmin Fashions
Leisure Knit
Ley Fashions
Lije Originals
Lucy Clo
Lucy Clothing Manufac
Lynn Fashions
M & M Creations
M.R.S. Clothing
M.T.S. Clothing
M.Y.S. Creations
Malachite Clothing
Mandarina Trading
Matchette & Co
Mciver Apparel
Melanos Investments
Merri Clo
Meshree Creations
Mi Mahomedy
Micheals Fashions
Midgear Fashions
Mood Fashions
Ndlovu Clothing
North Coast
Omega Fashions
Pakson Clothing Manufacturers
Paris Paris Manufacturers
Pearl Clothing
Ragtime Clothing Manufacturers
Raindrops Clothing
Raj's C.M.T.
Ramclo Clothing Mnfrs
Redco Clothing Mnfrs
Rhinoceros Clothing
Rio Clothing Manufacturers
Rm Creations
Robin's Clothing
Roulla Patiniou Fashions House
S.E.V. Creations 2003
Sal Creations
Sana Industries
Sarah Fashions Pty Ltd 2003
Scarlet Clothing
Sev Creations
Sew Well Clothing Mnfrs.
Shah Clothing
Shemez Fashions
Shiva Clothing
Simon Clothing Manufacturers
Siyazama Logistics
Solar Sport
South African Clothing Group
Southern Ocean Clothing
Space Clothing Manufacturers
Star Clothing
Studio Clothing
T.J. Creations
T.K.S. Clothing Mnfrs
Taffinay Clothing
Textile Clo
The Supply Company
Third Base
Three H Designs
Threeway Underwear 2003
Tia Clothing
Tower Clothing
Trio Clothing Manufacturers
Triple "L" Clothing
Triton Clo
Twin Clothing Manufacturers
Tyreese Clothing
Vibe Clothing
Wilbat Projects
Wonderboys Clo
Yen-Fu Clothing
Yurick Clothing
Zest Fashions
Zokay Enterpris
Zoolake Clo
BernHill Collection
Catherine Moore

Curiosity Baroutsos
Earth Child
Hyannis Port

Out of the blue
Ozone Clothing
Polo SA
Radeen Fashions
Tummies maternity
Abbey Road C.M.T
Aca Joe
Alpa Rose Manufacturing
Al's Clothing 1987
Amazon Clothing
Articles Design
Aspen Clothing
Assad Designs
Bakbor Clothing
Balu Design Centre
Basic System
Beaches Clothing
Bibette Clothing Mnf
Blue Print Clothing
C And G Clothing Manufacturers
Cactus Clothing
Cadema Industries
C-Anywear Clothing
Carioca Clothing
Caska Clothing
Caviar Fashions
Chai Clothing
Charter Administration
Chelsea West
Cigar Clothing
Conway Fashions
Cosmo Clothing
Cotton On Marketing
Crest Clothing CMT
Crucial Trade 106
Cw Design
Dana L Designs
Desray Designs
Due South Clothing Manufacturers
E And A Fashions
East London Textiles (Eltex)
Eez Clothing
Ellen Arthur
Elzee Clothing
Emma Jane Clothing
Evolve Design
Fahrenheit Clothing
Fashion Team
Florida Manufacturing Company
Freedom Threads
French Connection
Full Moon Clothing
G & R Clothing
G-Boys Cutting Service & Cmt
Gear Clothing
Genetix Clothing
Greenway's Manufacturers
Greystone Clothing
H Taylor
Hance Trade
Hang Out Ladies Boutique
Hawaii Development Group
Heriswell Manufactorars
Hip Hop Clothing Manufacturing
Icuba Clothing
J.Q Designs
Jamilla Fashions
JB Linen
Jenni Button
Jenny K
Juanita Pacheco International
Kayteen Fashions
Kinross Clothing
K-Way Manufacturers
Lacelle Fashions
Lancashire Manufacturers
Laure Fashions
Link Group Of Companies
Lockhat Brothers
Lolita Lingerie
L'uomo Atlantis
M.A. Fashions
Mad Dog Clothing
Mad Engine Clothing
Madewell Manufacturing Company
Madison Avenue Fashions
Manhattan Manufac
Margo Clothing
Maze Clothing
Mercury Clothing
Mircille Fashions
Miriam's Showroom
Mk Clothing
Mm Keller & Co
Monlyn Clothing
Monopoly Manufacturing
Monsoon Clothing
Mr Farmer
New Colours Clothing
New Start
Night & Day
Nika Fashion Original
Nolesty Clothing
Notreal Fashions
On Top Clothing
Out Of The Blue Knysna
Overwear Manufacturers
Ozone Clothing
Pals Clothing
Pastel Clothing
Pepclo Limited
Peter Blond & Ass
P-Jays C.M.T. Clothing
Pride Fashions
Puzzle Clothing
Radiant Fashions
Raoul & Caviar Fashions
Raoul French Fashions
Red Rocket
Rex Trueform Clothing
Riviera Fashions
Robelle Dress Salon
Rock N Roll
Roll Fashions
Romeo Pour Juliette
Rw Design Company
S And M Clothing
Sand Dancer Fashions
Sea Sprite
Sedway Clothing
See Anywear
Sew And So
Sew Wot 2000
Shamar Fashions
Sherco Group
Storm Clothing
Super T
Sweet-Orr & Lybro
Tfg Manufacturing Apparel Supply
The African Nature Company
The Fashion Office
Topics Support Centre
Traits Clothing
Tuli Clothing
Tuscany Trading
Twenty Three Sportswear
U2 Design Sport Classis
Vertigo Clothing
Wayside Clothing
Wilhelmina Fashions
Wolpe Fashions
Wonder Fashions
Yes Clothing
Yudumans Clothing Manufacturing
Zay's Clothing
Zig Zag Clothing