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My Story

My name is Pieter August, my wife and family started making shoes from our back room at home. I had no tools or machines, so everything I did that concerns shoes I did by hand. Our back room became too small to do our products in so our entire family moved to a small – business industrial area, in Blackheath.

Without tools or machinery to start off with we carried on making our shoes by hand.

I went daily by taxi, train and bus to buy the shoe components. I did my own sales and received my first order from “poor mans shoe shop” of 1000 prs.

My family and i worked long hours often 12-16. It was always just my family and i. As the orders became more and more i had to take on more workers. Currently employing eight people. I now receive my orders from varias shoe shops because of my persistence in good quality.

Ladies Styles...
black bead sandal
pink bead sandal
Brown leather sandal
Indian Sandal
Pink Sandal
pink floral sandal
Ladies pink slip on
blue ladies slip on
Slip on

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