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Kwa Zulu Natal
Western Province

Rachel Gee
South East Knitwear
RSA Leisure wear
Abiti Clothing
Adonis Knitwear Holdings
Annabelle Tricots
Benito Creations
Biz Africa
Caltoni Knitwear Manufacturers
Chateau Promotional Wear
Coelho Exclusive Knit
Comage Manufacturers
Derlee Knit Mills
Exclusive Arts Knitwear
Galo Exclusive Knitwear
H And S Knitwear Manufacturers
Jaff And Co.
Kalla Knitwear Manufacturers
Kalson Creations
K-Motion Clothing / K-Knit
Laz Clothing
Martone Textiles
Nova Knit Industries / Shantara
P.N. Kalidas And Sons
Republic Knitwear
Rosano Modes
Rose Knit
Simon Lemmer Agencies
Sunlit Fashions
The Kit Group
Tujay Knitwear
Zut Rags

J.M.V Textiles
All-Beauty Jerseys
Berg Clothing
Dina Trading Co
Domingo's Shirt & Clothing
Everbeauty Sweater
Exotex Textiles
Ivanhoe Manufacturers
Jl Normoyle Sa
John Peter
Jordano Textiles
Juanre Clothing Mnfrs
Lead Long Textile
Leisure Knit
Mingway Textiles
Newcastle Best Garment
Niran Mnfrs
P.L.K. Manufacturers
Pall Mall Neckwear
Power Workwear
Rushbury Trading
Sanshe` Clothing Mnfrs
Sellrite Manafacturers
Smile A While Clothing
Super Merchandise
Tern Sportswear
Tie Weavers Sa
Unique Young Mnfrs
Vibe Clothing
Wheel Of Fortune
Win Cool Industrial Enterprise
Wty Enterprise

RSA Leisure wear
A.K. Knit cc
Baisch Knitwear
Careen Knitwear
Class Togs
Continental Knitwear
Cool In Cotton
Far East Textiles
K-Way Manufacturers
Le Bergo Textiles
Lynko Knitwear
M.G. Fasions
M.G. Knitwear
Mega Knits
Mercury Clothing
Mitzi Knitwear
Monviso Knitwear
Muller Knitwear
Nova Knits
R & R anonymous
Rotex Fabriks
S.B. Knitwear
Star Knit
Verona Knitwear
Vivi's Knit
VSO Knitwear